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About Tatyana Brown


Tatyana Brown is is a traveling performer, educator, organizer, and activist focused on reawakening audiences to the power (both emotional and political) of creativity-based culture. She is the founding Captain of The Lit Slam, a San Francisco-based, live-audience- curated literary journal–the only show/publication of its kind in existence–and she ranked 4th in the world of competitive performance poetry at the 2011 Individual World Poetry Slam. Since then, Tatyana has coached a number of poets in editing and performance to Finals at both the Women of the World Poetry Slam and the Individual World Poetry Slam. She has toured North America as a poet, read poems to teenagers on the mountaintops of British Columbia, told tales on NPR’s hot new true-life narrative storytelling show, Snap Judgment, and sold instant literature ranging from short fiction to wedding vows as a street vending freelance writer in New York City. She holds the distinct honor of winning the longest consecutive string of XXX Haiku Deathmatch Championships at Oakland’s notorious variety show, Tourettes Without Regrets (and she did so with sex-positive, progressive, feminist comedy).

Tatyana is also a celebrated workshop facilitator and lecturer, visiting university classrooms (including the Indiana University and Yale University) to speak on poetry slam as a contemporary American literary tradition, and the rich, vibrant, vital, and progressive nature of American oral tradition. She also teaches workshops everywhere from coffeeshops and bars to middle school classrooms to homeless shelters on critical analysis/writing for poetry, storytelling, performance, and the use of various forms of media (including shock-value comedy) as a tool to interrupt and dismantle systemic oppression.

The Mad Scientist Writer’s Lab is your opportunity to grow as a writer with personal attention from Tatyana Brown. Don’t miss this chance to work with her.